Never Heard film (Now on Netflix) was based on the stage play, "I Never Heard My Father Speak," written and produced in 2014 by Tamera Hill. We included ages 12 years to 35 years in the production. It was a community effort to bring awareness to the challenges children face without fathers in the home. We partnered with other San Diego organizations like Blue Heart Foundations, and Mandate Impact to strengthen our outreach to the community. 

The production was a huge success. The the screenplay was written by Tamera Hill, later picked up in 2016 for a major motion picture to be released in theaters nationwide November 1, 2018. The cast line-up is Robin Givens, Romeo Miller, Brian White, and Karuche Tran, Kandi Burress, and David Banner. 

My Sister’s Keeper leaves a positive and impactful message. The stage play was focused on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Free admission was given to those who agreed to be tested. As a result over one hundred people were tested for HIV/AIDS for the first time.

“My Sister’’s Keeper,” is written and directed by Tamera Hill starring actor comedian Tommy Ford. This theatrical advocacy play presented an outstanding cast of actors and powerful singers that left the audience with both a real sense of the hurt and devastation of becoming HIV positive and also overcoming and living a great life. 


The thought provoking message caused the audience to understand the love and support it takes to overcome the effects and reality of being diagnosed HIV.

Engaging Community Through Theatre & Film